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Crawl Space Insulation

Moisture-Proof Crawl Space Insulation in Middletown, NY & Surrounding Areas

Moisture & mold resistant insulation for better energy efficiency

Sealed and insulated crawl space

By sealing the crawl space with a vapor barrier and insulating walls with rigid foam insulation, we create a comfortable, dry environment.

Crawl space insulation can positively impact the entire home, creating better comfort, improving indoor air quality, and lowering energy bills. Plus, if you have heating and cooling equipment, ducts, or plumbing in the crawl space, this makes insulation even more important. If your home has a vented crawl space, an underinsulated or uninsulated crawl space, or a crawl space with fiberglass insulation, contact The Basement Transformer to help with your crawl space insulation needs!

Schedule a free, on-site estimate on crawl space insulation to get started. We serve New York areas in New City, Poughkeepsie, Middletown, Wallkill, and nearby.

What are problems with vented crawl spaces & fiberglass batts?

Fallen fiberglass insulation on crawl space floor

Wet fiberglass batts hanging from the floor joists is a common crawl space problem

Fiberglass insulation may be the cheapest and easiest option to install yourself in the crawl space, but this can lead to some big problems. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't choose fiberglass batts in a vented crawl space:

  • When fiberglass insulation absorbs water, it loses its R-value when wet
  • Air will pass through fiberglass batts, creating uncomfortable rooms upstairs, cold floors, and high energy bills
  • Wet, dirty fiberglass batts lead to mold growth

When crawl spaces have insulated foundation walls, these areas are warmer and drier than crawl spaces with insulation between the floor joists.

How we install crawl space insulation

At The Basement Transformer, we specialize in solving crawl space insulation problems. We don't just winterize crawl space pipes or vents, but instead seal and winterize your entire crawl space foundation to bring your plumbing and heating system inside your home's conditioned space. Here's how our process works:

  • Air seal and insulate the rim joist: A tremendous amount of heat is lost through the rim joist that rests on your crawl space foundation. We prevent frigid air from leaking in by sealing gaps around the perimeter of your foundation. Then we reduce conductive heat loss by insulating the rim joist with foam insulation.
  • Insulate crawl space walls with rigid foam: We install high-performance SilverGlo™ rigid foam insulation against the crawl space walls. SilverGlo™ does what fiberglass can't: stop air leaks, never lose R-value, and never absorb or be damaged by moisture.
  • Seal & insulate the crawl space floor: In colder climates, we recommend installing TerraBlock™ foam insulation on the crawl space floor. This specialized flexible insulation is then covered with our CleanSpace® moisture barrier that completes the sealing process. The crawl space is now isolated from outside conditions.

Install new crawl space insulation today!

Does your home have uncomfortable temperatures, cold floors, or crawl space moisture problems? If so, contact Hudson Valley's crawl space repair experts at The Basement Transformer for patented, proven solutions. With our innovative crawl space insulation, we will create a more enjoyable, energy-efficient home.

Schedule a free, no-obligation crawl space consultation and free service estimate to learn more. We serve New York homeowners in New Windsor, Wallkill, Hopewell Junction, Spring Valley, Hyde Park, Blooming Grove, Nanuet, Middletown, Poughkeepsie, New City, and nearby!

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